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Vladimir Putin will attend the 2018 FIFA World Cup trophy tour

Before any edition of the FIFA World Cup kicks off in full force, there is a trophy tour which is traditionally done and considering that Russia are the hosts for the next worldwide football competition which is 9 months away from commencing, Vladimir Putin is going to be at the ceremony.

This trophy tour will last for 123 days as 24 cities around Russia are going to be visited with more than 20,000 kilometers expected to be travelled during this expedition.

Not only are Russian cities scheduled to be visited as there are also countries from all over the globe with the itinerary of this trophy tour being very extensive and with Moscow being the final place for the completion of the trophy tour. Continue reading “Vladimir Putin will attend the 2018 FIFA World Cup trophy tour”

Vladimir Leonov confident to organize soccer World Cup peacefully

Vladimir Leonov, who is currently in charge of the sports ministry of Russia, is supremely confident that his country will be able to organize the soccer World Cup peacefully.

The supporters of the other countries especially that of England are understood to be feeling very reluctant to travel to Russia because of what the Russian supporters had done during the Euros.

But, Leonov doesn’t think that the reputation of the general Russian fans can be set on the basis of that particular incident. He reckons it was a single incident of its kind and there were only a few people involved in that.

Apart from those people, a lot of other Russian fans were there in France as well for the Euros, but, they didn’t break peace at all and didn’t get involved in any sort of violence. So, one can’t say that every Russian fan is of that nature.

Leonov also emphasizes that the kind of arrangements the World Cup organizing committee has put in place, it will be difficult for anyone to create an unpleasant situation because every fan is going to be given an ID and at the time he is given that ID, he will have to submit full information about himself. Continue reading “Vladimir Leonov confident to organize soccer World Cup peacefully”

The FIFA World Cup continues being linked with corruption

“Russia and Qatar were awarded the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cups by democratic vote of the Executive Committee.

Based on expert opinions and available facts, FIFA has no legal grounds to take away the hosting of the FIFA World Cup from Russia and Qatar.We will not speculate on possible scenarios and therefore have no further comments for the time being.”

This is a statement that was released by FIFA back on June of 2015 as the football governing authority announced that they cannot take away the hosting privileges that Russia and Qatar have.

Even though FIFA can’t do anything in terms of changing or removing which countries are going to host the upcoming 2018 and 2022 editions of the FIFA World Cup, this has not stopped prosecutors from their continuous investigations involving the worldwide football competition.

Earlier on April, it was announced that French prosecutors began an investigation as they are trying to look into possible offences involving private corruption and conspiracy. These investigations are believed to have been going on since last year. Continue reading “The FIFA World Cup continues being linked with corruption”


West African football giant Nigeria are afraid of the form of their World Cup rivals Cameroon ahead of their clash in the qualifiers.

Both sides are set to meet in August and September. Nigeria are afraid that the confidence in the team following their African Cup of Nations (AFCON) win might give them the edge. Cameroon are also reputed to have the best defence on the continent.

The defensive unit Cameroon employs are strong, fast and are goalscorers. Most of the goals they scored in Gabon 2017 were from the defenders or defensive midfielders. They are unarguably the biggest threat for Nigeria and they could really stop the Super Eagles from playing in the forthcoming World Cup.

Cameroon are closely behind Nigeria after two rounds of matches in the qualifiers. They forced a draw against Algeria and Zambia but were impressive at AFCON, topping Group B. On the other hand, Nigeria have six points from two games and have +3 goal advantage. Zambia are third with a point. Continue reading “NIGERIA AFRAID OF CAMEROON AHEAD OF WORLD CUP”


The president of FIFA Gianni Infantino has put some plans in motion to enable the use of video replays at the next world cup in 2018.

According to him, it would help the referees and other match officials to avoid some serious mistakes that could have easily been avoided.

Being that wrong judgments on the part of match officials have been a very big source of controversy in the past tournaments, Gianni has planned to eradicate any mistakes by providing better surveillance equipments.

On Wednesday, after the first summit of the body, Gianni had said in a comment to reporters that, he believes that the presence of video replays will help officials to make proper and well-informed decisions before awarding penalties, red and yellow cards and even goals.

“It will not answer all the questions a referee can have but it will help them not to make serious mistakes, how? With a referee in front of a TV monitor who looks at the footage and in the space of two, here, four seconds can advise the field referee if he is asked or if he has not seen a serious mistake. Continue reading “FIFA PRESIDENT WANTS VIDEO REPLAYS AT THE NEXT WORLD CUP”

Strachan’s Job Depends on Scotland’s Performance against England, Says Nicholas

Gordon Strachan position as the Scotland boss is reportedly hanging by the thread due to poor sets of results in the World Cup 2018 qualification campaign.

The national team has had only one win in the opening three matches and it was against minnows Malta. Since that opening day victory, Scotland have gone on to suffer a 3-0 thumping at the hands of Slovakia and only a 1-1 draw with Lithuania. Strachan was appointed as the national team boss in January 2013 and the team already had the disappointment of failing to qualify for the Euro 2016 when a number of home nations managed to do so.

Best known for his time at Celtic, Strachan has not been at the best of his game for the last couple of years now. Sky Sports pundit Charlie Nicholas says that the upcoming game for Scotland, against England, will be the key match that would decide the future of Strachan. Another loss would put the team at grave disadvantage when it comes to qualification. Continue reading “Strachan’s Job Depends on Scotland’s Performance against England, Says Nicholas”