FIFA has banned Jose Maria Jimenez and Fernando Muslera, the players from Uruguay for 4 games for confronting match officials aggressively when the team had been eliminated from World Cup 2022. Diego Godin and Edinson Cavani, the veterans should serve one-game bans when Uruguay next plays, as said by FIFA in disciplinary verdicts. According to FIFA players should all perform community service on a soccer project and pay up to 20000 Swiss francs as fines.

Disorder flashed as Uruguay failed to advance to round 16 in Qatar irrespective of defeating Ghana in its final group-stage game. The soccer federation of Uruguay had been fined 50000 Swiss francs too and should close the stadium for a home game. According to the ruling of FIFA disciplinary judges the federation had been responsible for the biased behavior of its fans and for the misconduct, violation, and offensive behavior of the principle of players’ fair play.

The players from Uruguay confronted Daniel Siebert, the German referee after the final whistle. According to them, Uruguay should have been given a penalty kick in stoppage time. Yet another goal scored might have sent the team away to round 15 in place of South Korea. South Korea had advanced in the league and has also been able to create a memorable image across the world.

As Ghana and Uruguay played out stoppage time across Doha, the players and staff of South Korea gathered in a circle after their win over Portugal for watching over their smartphones as their competitor played and waited to unveil who are going to advance in World Cup 222 as the runner up. Muslera, the goalkeeper, Godin, and Cavani were playing their 4th World Cup, while 3rd Jimenez was in his 3rd.