Gordon Strachan position as the Scotland boss is reportedly hanging by the thread due to poor sets of results in the World Cup 2018 qualification campaign.

The national team has had only one win in the opening three matches and it was against minnows Malta. Since that opening day victory, Scotland have gone on to suffer a 3-0 thumping at the hands of Slovakia and only a 1-1 draw with Lithuania. Strachan was appointed as the national team boss in January 2013 and the team already had the disappointment of failing to qualify for the Euro 2016 when a number of home nations managed to do so.

Best known for his time at Celtic, Strachan has not been at the best of his game for the last couple of years now. Sky Sports pundit Charlie Nicholas says that the upcoming game for Scotland, against England, will be the key match that would decide the future of Strachan. Another loss would put the team at grave disadvantage when it comes to qualification.

Their hopes of reaching the World Cup 2018 in Russia is already hanging in the balance, but the team remain only one point behind second placed Lithuania. Falling further behind even at this early stage would be disastrous according to Nicholas, who made 20 appearances for the Scottish national team.

We haven’t made any progress, it has actually hit that lull again where we are all getting a bit fed up because it is mediocre and, of course, the worst part for us Scots is that we are going to Wembley next.England are not in great shape but the next game, or Gordon’s future could hinge on what happens at Wembley. England is massive for Scotland now. It was always going to be massive, but it is gigantic,” said Nicholas.