Qatar is going to charter 2 different cruise liners for accommodating the fans of football in the FIFA World Cup 2022. The Gulf nations consist of 2.7 billion people who are looking for various ways of hosting the 1 million expected visitors. The supporters of the 32 teams in this tournament are going to stay in the same city. There is an increasing concern among people as to how the country will be able to accommodate these supporters and then to keep them entertained.

On Tuesday, the local organizing committee stated that it has signed an arrangement with the MSC Cruises who is going to charter two with a collective capacity of about 4000 cabins that is going to be used as the floating hotels for the supporters.

According to the words of the committee, there is going to be sufficient accommodation for everybody. Also, they have said that alcohol that is not obtainable at a few places at a prohibitive price will be made available to the fans. The committee has mentioned in a statement that the ships are going to be berthed at the Doha Port all through the tournament month.

It said that chartering cruiser liners for the supporters of World Cup 2022 has been a part of the accommodation strategy for Qatar for a very long time and the country has been pretty keen on providing them with a sustainable solution. However, it did not mention is alcohol is going to be available on-board.
There will be shuttle buses for taking the supporters to the metro that is only partially complete. Apart from this, there will be other accommodation options such as fan villages and apartments in the hotels, as well as deserts. Thus, there are going to be enough places for the fans.