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25 Interactions on “Mexican Wave Madness @ the MCG

  1. @JetZaus mexican wave is banned in australia??? really???? man! in india people encourage stuff like this….there is really a huge´╗┐ cultural difference between the two! ­čÖé

  2. Actually if I remember correctly this game was the reason they banned the wave, there was so much stuff being thrown in the air they decided it was too dangerous. That’s worked well´╗┐ for them hey? ­čśŤ

  3. was this the´╗┐ ODI against england? these were such good fun to go to, the crowds were massive and it got out of control, i always remember as soon as the wave would start the two big screens would come up with “an important message to all patrons at the MCG” starting of the mexican wave and all who participate will be evicted from the ground, HA! evict 80000 people?

  4. and i´╗┐ remember the streaker on the ground nd that blow up dick hahahah best fun ever

  5. hahaha omg i was at this game that was the best mexican wave ever. it went around like 20 times.

    this was when australia beat´╗┐ england right?

  6. This ODI was played on´╗┐ January 12 2007. The Mexican Wave was banned at the MCG on February 1, 2007. Hope this clears things up.

  7. Haah i was there.. so much fun..
    Lol i remember how when someone got the blowup beach ball on the oval everyone would stand up and point and´╗┐ yell YOU ARE A WANKER!!
    to the guy that got the ball on the oval
    haha so much fun

  8. you can’t stop the wave say you can’t stop the wave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    if´╗┐ there was one thing the cops could do to ensure the wave would happen it was ban it… never had more fun at a ODI than the first one after it was banned

  9. i was there that game, it was the one just after they banned it and everyone went nuts in´╗┐ bay 13 it was awesome being there while everyone threw shit

  10. what kkind of match is that cos i go to as americans wud say soccer but wat kind of match i that´╗┐

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