The President of FIFA Gianni Infantino had declared that Qatar’s dreams may come true. They may expand the World Cup of 48 teams. But then raising the prospect of games, it may be shared with the neighboring countries as they had blocked Qatar since June last year. He had been to the capital city for the past week to attend the summit as well. FIFA had canvassed an opinion of many federations. During a news conference also, he mentioned that a practical study was underway and a decision still had to be given.

They’re gathering the opinions and choices of the countries and as observed that many are in the favor of more teams for the 2022 Cup and that may allow the number of teams to qualify from each of the continents. A suggestion was placed that the bigger world cup and more teams can see some of the matches also played in the neighboring countries. But Infantino had cleared that the opportunities end the political deadlock between Qatar and the other countries in its surroundings. It may not be feasible but Infantino is not naïve about the political situation. The chief of FIFA was clear that this decision of playing games in the neighboring countries will be taken up by the host itself.

They still have to discuss with their partners and take decisions such that nothing happens at a dangerous level. He even spoke of the FIFA’s currently running legal battle between Saudi based company be OUTQ that had illegally broadcasted the games of the previous World Cup in Russia. According to him, even they dislike piracy and so they’ll try their best to fight against it. The World Cup 2022 is going to be a highly competitive tournament and it is going to provide a new dimension for the World Cup especially due to the new time window in which it is being played.