The host nation for World Cup 2022 seems to be in for many problems. Even though Qatar has received rights for hosting this event there are several controversies surrounding it. For instance, it is thought that it never qualified for the game but rather they bribed FIFA authorities to earn hosting rights. The bribery allegations are concerns that also stand side by side with the human rights record that the country has. It is now rumored that Kuwait and Oman would be co-hosting the event with Qatar. Even then, these arrangements are not peaceful since there has been a boycott by UAE and Saudi Arabia over this decision on trade and diplomatic reasons.

There was stunning exposé earlier in the month of March as to FIFA having been paid $880 million by Qatar as a bribe to get hosting rights. Both the nation and the authorities have not responded to this matter. Such allegations have not come about for the first time. However, there is not much time for the football extravaganza to take place and the latest expose is surely a big embarrassment for FIFA as well as for Qatar.

The Sunday Times claims that Qatar had offered FIFA $480 million and this was about three weeks before they won hosting rights. The rights were given to the country in December 2010. This was followed by local broadcaster Al Jazeera signing a contract for $400 million with FIFA for the television contract. FIFA was also promised $100 million if the bid was successful. A portion of this promised fee is supposed to be paid out in April. There is a bribery inquiry in place which is being conducted by Switzerland police. Qatar is also facing problems of diplomatic and trade embargo having been launched by its neighbors. Hence Qatar is now looking at new trade pathways.