World's Biggest Mexican Wave


The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is one of the most controversial in football history. Beyond controversy over the date on which the competition will be played, the Asian qualification phase has given one of the meetings that will give more talk in recent years, especially if we consider geopolitics.   In Group H, the South […]

FIFA Planning to Move Away from Qatar

According to various sports channels, the governing bodies of FIFA football are considering to move the 2022 World Cup from Qatar.  Speculations regarding in the air and this has come after the arrest of Platini, who deliberately awarded hosting opportunity of FIFA to Qatar. After the arrest of Michel Platini, who was UEFA president before […]

Infantino Says That Majority Are In Favor Of A Larger World Cup

The President of FIFA Gianni Infantino had declared that Qatar’s dreams may come true. They may expand the World Cup of 48 teams. But then raising the prospect of games, it may be shared with the neighboring countries as they had blocked Qatar since June last year. He had been to the capital city for […]