Biggest Mexican Wave Video Rating: 4 / 5

15 Interactions on “Australia versus Greece Mexican Wave

  1. @URTUBE800 yer I went to. Not into soccer but I went to cheer Australia. Those dirty Greek Australians should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. @TheHawksfan123 That was a fugging disgrace. A stadium filled not with Greeks but with Greek Australians cheering aganist Australia.

  3. That was awesome! Doing the Mex. Wave at any sporting event just makes the it alot more fun !

  4. the ones that really
    do it better are
    the messicans
    they invented huh
    thats why messicans do
    the waves better than any body

  5. A ‘mexican wave’ at a packed MCG, being a huge stadium, would look quite cool. I was working when they showed this game (I’m i n Sydney, would’ve watched on telly) which was annoying but I found out the score as soon as I was finished and watched the highlights.

    Go the Socceroos.

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