Biggest Mexican Wave Video Rating: 1 / 5

8 Interactions on “arsenals biggest mexican wave ever

  1. shoulda seen the wave at twickenham rugby stadium went round about 6 times :O had people chucking toilet paper and all sorts near the end :L

  2. typical arsenal fans, more interested in a maxican wave than being passionate and supporting their team.
    bunch of twats!

  3. Obvs not. Arsenal best team ever. Chelsea man city Liverpool tottenham everton all gd teams. Manu- shit cheating diving crappy scum team 80% glory supporters and can’t even cope without 1 player- Rooney and had 17 own goals scored for them this season Chelsea deserve the win not shitty manu

  4. surely you are just feeding other football fans the ammunition to take the piss out of us with a video like this 🙁

  5. why rate one star!!! ok the video quality is worth one star because its very blurry but it was massive anyone at this stadium at that match will tell you it was emirates BIGGEST EVER in march 2008 psv eindhoven vs arsenal 🙂 EVERYONE joined in it went right up to the top and everywhere!

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