The 22nd edition of FIFA world cup is coincidentally happening in the year 2022. The World Cup is scheduled to take place in Qatar where the teams from the member nations will be competing against each other to make their mark. The special thing about this world cup being that it will be held for every first time in an Arab nation and the entire world looking forward to seeing their preparations for the game.

The tournament will be taking place from November to mid-December which is another first as all the previous matches were somewhere between May to July. After this world cup, the next one will be featuring 48 teams which mean that this might as well be the last one to hold a competition among 32 participating nations.

Though there have been certain allegations made about how Qatar might have cheated in order to obtain hosting rights for the World Cup, the nation as of now has been cleared of all allegations and accusations.

While the entire world is looking forward to the tournament all the participating nations have already started their practice to beat France who holds quite the high score since forever. There have also been certain hints about the FIFA being expanded more in the Gulf nations given the popularity of the games and more. These games are enjoying major popularity especially in the Asian and the Gulf nations who are also looking forward to joining the games in the tournaments after this. The preparation for the same has been going on since forever and looks like there will be more fun added to the latest game as it will be played on a schedule of 28 days straight.