The Secretary-General of the Supreme Committee meant for delivery and legacy at the World Cup Qatar 2022, Hassan Al-Thawadi, spoke at the 56th Munich Security Conference, saying that the tournament will be an important meeting point for bringing people together from different cultures coming to the World Cup from across the world. He also underlined the importance of bringing people from around the world by means of this competition and at the same time to make a positive change, he also said that they should create a permanent legacy which is being seen much before the main event starts. The World Cup 2022 is set to begin from November.

In addition to this, the executive of Qatar said that they have recognized football as a great sport from the very first day particularly the World Cup as it has the ability to move people in thoughtful ways. It also has the ability to touch the hearts of the people especially football fans from different parts of the world. He continued to say that they have realized that this sport is a great platform with the help of which you can reach out to others. It is possible to reach out to each of the persons living on this planet.

The Qatar World Cup is considered as a transformative event. Hassan Al-Thawadi said that they wanted to make sure that they utilized this event as a vehicle to develop and progress socially. They also want to make use of this platform to pass it onto irrespective of region and to break all the stereotypes. This is the first opportunity that a Middle Eastern and Arab country is hosting the grandest show of football and it is a golden chance to introduce this region to others and showcase all their positive sides to the rest of the world.