The recently concluded World Cup has witnessed a number of noteworthy incidents that occurred during the event that is celebrated every 4 years with Luis Suarez making his way to the headlines of websites all over the world as he once more bit another player and this time around it was Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini he was subsequently banned.

Criticism was also received throughout the entire tournament due to the number of injuries and extreme changes in temperature that players had to face as they played in different parts of Brazil. The president of FIFA Sepp Blatter was heavily critiqued after the Swedish football administrator allowed players to return to the pitch even though they had already been removed after picking up injuries and this was the case with Christoph Kramer as he crumpled down and after being sent back to the pitch.

All of these events that occurred helped increase the amount of viewers of the 2014 World Cup as this latest edition of the tournament turned out to be the one that smashed all previous records that were established in streaming records.

The American delivery network provider Akamai confirmed that it was the biggest event in terms of video content streaming and this is due to the large amount of fans and their demand of seeking an online platform to watch the matches of their favorite teams and players from the online platforms of FIFA’s Media Rights Licensees.

“We are proud to say that this FIFA World Cup has been the biggest multimedia sporting event in history, with more people watching matches and highlights online than ever before,” said FIFA Director of TV Niclas Ericson.

FIFA successfully launched an app that was downloaded more than 9 million times which helped fans stay up to date with the scores, videos and even statistics from the matches that were played through entire competition.